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Thanks for stopping by, Why not work with a different type of Full Service REALTOR®. How? Unlike 99% of other agents out there, I do not charge 2%-3% of the sales price to list your home. I work from a simple and low flat fee structure. My minimum listing fee is 1% of the sales price and my maximum listing fee is $25,000. That is typically 50% to 70% less than other agents, so keep reading, as it gets better. To make a great offer even better, my next three listings will pay a maximum listing fee of $15,000 on listings up to $3.99M. A $4M or more list price will only pay $25k in listing fees. That means on a $3M property, you could save 75% or more in listing fees compared to what other agents quote you! Furthermore, I can save you $80,000 or more on the sale of your $3M home, so call me to review the numbers or see the bottom paragraph for a normal commission breakdown. With 90% of all buyers starting and continuing their search for a home on-line, I am ready to craft a specialized marketing strategy tailored to your home and its potential buyers. My highly skilled photographer will capture your homes unique beauty, so that I can create its online presence with an advertising campaign that reaches around the world via all the major real estate websites. From professional photographs with floor plans, a digital video and a beautifully printed brochure, each and every home receives my white-glove service and at an industry low commission you will really love. Why would you pay more for all I am offering you? Let me show you a marketing plan that works. I also have a strategy to get every buyer’s agent working for you to sell your home. Buyers, there is great news for you also. If you’re buying a home that is not my listing, I will credit you back 33% of the commission paid to me at closing. On a typical $2.5M sale in Coronado, that is normally about $20,600 back to you! Use the money to buy down your interest rate, pay your closing costs or just receive a corresponding price reduction credit at closing. In late 2017 I decided to scale back the time spent on my mortgage company and redirect my focus on helping my past clients, friends, family and Coronado neighbors with their real estate needs. I decided to make this change, as I think what people are use to paying to buy or sell a $2M plus home is usurious and I know you will really appreciate my thorough representation and the savings I will give you when you see your closing statement and the check from your sale. My goal is to offer you the highest level of experienced, ethical and transparent representation available, along with the most aggressive price in the industry from a full service broker. Let's discuss your plans and needs. I promise to do everything in my power to get your home sold in your timeline and at the highest net proceeds to you. Thank you for your time and I hope to speak with you soon. Commissions paid on luxury properties are typically: • Listing Office: 2% to 2.50% or $60k to $75k on a $3M sale. I charge you $15k for a savings up to $60k on the listing office commission. • Buyers Agent Office: 2% to 2.50% or $60k to $75k on a $3M sale. • Dual Agency sale: Where the listing agent represent both sellers and buyers. Normal commission paid is 4% or $120,000 on a $3M sales price. I only charge $40k which saves you at least $80,000. • Buy your next home from me and receive 33% of my earned commission. On a $3.50M property that credit could be about $28,000. If I list and sell your home and help you with your next purchase, you could save over $100,000 based on the above examples. This offer is not to good to be true. If you’re not 100% happy with my representation, cancel at any time. Respectfully,

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